seize the moment


the pure poetry

of walking


the perfect poetry

of breathing



a Cid Corman


come la pioggia

che oggi bagna queste pietre

svanita domani


queste parole


(from: “il suono vuoto”)



baroque – on line

a Tom Raworth



allo scadere il quadro

presenta ricchezza di aperture

articolazioni che dichiarano

tendenze – nuova civiltà

ora questo processo assume

caratteri di rottura – emergono

esperienze – affermazione di linguaggi

forza propulsiva del cuore

insieme organico e coerente

sopra mucchi di piedistalli

di zoccoli e plinti senza ragione



cosciente del linguaggio con

intonazione negativa – convinti

classicisti – appaiono come

negazione di ordine – inconcepibili

abusi con difesa teleprogrammata

nell’oscillazione diventa equivoco

inafferrabile usato con cautela inteso

come definizione di una

realtà molteplice i più

azzannare – diffamare – perseguitare

schiacciati nell’orrore della guerra



non c’è meraviglia a

partire da questi episodi sintesi

rigida a notte fonda con

scenografia di poliziotti – toghe

cronisti e imputati – sventola

lolite mentre va in onda

il delitto – eccesso del ridicolo

la maschera pallida si dissolve

mentre lo speaker invita

un pubblico insoddisfatto

incosciente della propria complicità




12 fragments + 1


arnica – euphrasia – starry dice

into the heart – partially alive


ill-at-ease – petrified – a vision

nature – like an apolitical – temple


hawthorn’s twice flowering – edge of shady ditch

white – now – with hop shoots – sand – and – clay soil


individual – as – a meaning/less – ripple

pulsing – rhythm – of – a collective destiny


light-filled – songs – translucent – sound

suddenly – cuts through – pure air


violent anasthetic – drowsy mind

metaphor – of nothingness – decomposing energy


breaking – turning – around the ping-pong table

friends – disappearing – into fog


critical spatial mass – breached

the word burns itself out


outside the window – air – cold and damp

steamy cloud – carved – tiny hearts


floating fragments – over the bed – a shattering

an old man – dies – a new-born – fathers-and-sons – dying


disarmed innocents – in the Strip – of innocent blood

where – no-one – is – innocent


ethnic genocide – altering forever – spiritual evolution – while

resounding – the pure and profound chants – of Gyütö Tantras


me – we – them – united – as one

here – where – past and future – coincide


2009 – for “Dependtendency”

Translated by Sarah Greenwood




for Alberto Deppieri


so must be the passage

space dissolving into rhythm

towards an unknown centre

it changes

carried by the wind


lightly transversal

organic concretions

in soft liquid perspectives

between sky and earth

subliminal essences


catch the spirit

thorny ramifications

of objects-faces-bodies

with rising rhythms

ancient metaphysical buildings

mechanical presences

reach the infinite

dissolved constructions

sea horizons


thoroughly branching out

in the inverted space

with/out centre

mostly green

not polarized

a way into down

of a world to be

subtle and humid

with broken trajectories

condensed into a little while


in endless transformation

evanescent nature

emanates from the infinite

at times specular

abstract and real

neither hot nor cold

concrete and dynamic

symphonic lagoon

in geometric condensation

between sky and earth

fluctuating and waving

oblique horizontal

mentally pictorial

in perennial transmutation

layered in the soul

wholly assimilated

complex density


in feline symbiosis

within the perspective rule

unconsciously Goethean

evolving into light

by interfusion

potential form


strangely familiar

in the continuous opening

in cyclic sequence

life should be so


Translated by Roberta Cimarosti